TriKinetics systems quantify animal movement over time, and can be used to measure circadian rhythm, sleep, longevity, social interaction, geotaxis, learning, phototaxis, and drug response in various species of flies, mosquitoes, bees, spiders, ants, cockroaches, beetles, moths, zooplankton, and fish, among others.
    Individuals or groups are placed in tubes, vials, or dishes, where they are continuously monitored for movement by simple and robust infrared beam arrays. The resulting data from as many as 3000 simultaneous activity channels, collected over periods of seconds, hours, days, or months, is uploaded periodically to a host Macintosh or Windows PC for archival storage and subsequent analysis.
DAMSystem Overview
Product Price List 2021.10
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Product Data Sheets Data Acquisition Software
DAM2 Activity Monitor DAMSystem3 Software Data Sheet
DAM5H Activity Monitor QuickStart Guide
LAM10/16/25 Activity Monitor (Macintosh)
DEnM Environment Monitor (Windows)
PSIU9 Power Supply Interface  
LC4 Light Controller Analysis Software
  FaasX, Rouyer & Boudinot
File Scan Software ActogramJ, Schmid & Yoshii (Macintosh) pySolo, Gilestro & Cirelli (Windows) Rethomics, Geissmann & Gilestro
  RhythmicAlly, Lakshman & Vasu
USB Drivers SCAMP 2019v2, Vecsey
Windows10 v10.1.10 ShinyR-DAM, Cichewicz & Hirsh
macOS v6.0.1 ClockLab, Ferster et al

TriKinetics Inc, Waltham, MA USA

Manufacturer of the Drosophila Activity Monitor